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Our Factories

Every garment has a story, but some brands wouldn't want you to know it. We spend months sourcing the finest cottons and best factories to make our everyday basics. A factory's integrity and working practices are paramount to us, which is why we value our strong relationships with the owners and staff and why we never outsource our production to other parties.

Our Costs

We don't cut corners on our materials and processes, always producing what we consider to be the finest casual wear available.

We avoid extra expense by circumventing the big department stores and unnecessary middlemen - passing the savings on to you.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by timeless style, not driven by the whims of ever-changing trends and fashions. We believe that true style is remarkably constant - and no more so than when it comes to everyday basics.

The quality of a white T-shirt now can be judged on the same merits as it would have been 50 years ago: a good fit, soft-to-touch, comfortable and long-lasting.