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Supima cotton

Luxury, quality and craftsmanship are the benchmarks of American-grown, extra-long staple Supima cotton.

Not all cottons are created equal.

The strength of Supima Fibre

Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, which makes for extraordinarily resilient products. The longer fiber resists pulling, breaking and tearing resulting in fashion and home products that are incredibly resilient and keep their form for a longer-lasting product.

 Longer fibers contribute to the strength and softness of apparel and home products, ensuring they are more comfortable, retain color longer and resist pilling.

Farming Supima

Supima cotton is farmed using state-of-the-art technology and processes. From GPS navigation used on tractors to plant and harvest the cotton, to satellite technology and soil monitors, Supima farmers ensure they are growing the best quality cotton in the world with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Making the products you love even better.

Products made with Supima cotton ensure that you are buying a premium product that will last for years to come.

With its indulgently soft touch, natural resilency and rich deep color, Supima cotton is a luxury fiber that improves the quality and life of your product.

Caring for your Supima products

You can treat Supima in the same way you care for your regular cotton items.  The more you wash and wear it, the more you will experience the Supima difference.

The softness of Supima is enhanced through use and wear, and together with the durability and lasting color, Supima® products stand out among the other items in the closet.

We’re committed to making pieces that are timeless in style, soft to touch and built to last.

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