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With great clothes comes great responsibility

Fast fashion is a problem.
235 million tonnes of clothes being sent to landfill in the UK in 2017 is a problem.

We think the only way to tackle a problem is to face it head on and take responsibility for our own actions.

Responsibly made.

We know by the very industry that we are in, that being totally ‘sustainable’ is never going to be achievable…


We can all do our best to be responsible in the way we manufacture and produce our products.

Don’t sweat the small stuff..

…we’re doing it for you!

Doing our bit.

Our factories recycle all plastic, cardboard and metals once finished with and re-use the oils used in their machines.

Offcuts or damaged materials are re-used for cleaning the machines and where appropriate, sold on to be made into other products.

Our delivery bags are made from recycled paper and all of our packaging is fully recyclable.

Small batch production

We only make our clothing in small batches to avoid over producing. It means we can react to real-time demand to judge how many products we make at a time, reducing our impact and refining and improving our processes each time.

We know there’s always more that can be done, and as a small company, we’re doing what we can. Growing sustainably is something we are committed to doing.


More durable, longer lasting and softer than standard cotton.

Find out why using Supima cotton helps reduce waste by avoiding regular repurchasing.

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