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Making good choices should be easy.

Honest pricing.

Beautiful products.

Ethical factories.

Sounds like a good choice.

The Cotton Story was founded with a simple but lofty aim; to offer luxury everyday clothing at a fraction of the usual price.

We think it’s time that clothing made with the finest materials should be available to everyone at an honest price.

And we think the factories they’re made in should be ethically and sustainably run. Sounds simple right?

It is.

We believe quality doesn’t have to be governed by a price tag.

Our approach...

It’s our opinion that the term luxury has lost its meaning – largely coming to be defined by price rather than quality. Our goal was to flip that on its head, creating high-quality casual wear and delivering it to our customers at a fair price.

We’re able to do this because we come directly to you, choosing not to work with department stores and retailers and in doing so, avoiding the often up to 8 X surcharges they pass on to their customers.

Our clothes...

We all have those pieces in our wardrobe that we reach for over and over again, and these pieces all have one thing in common: they’re timeless classics. We wanted to create items that not only have a style you’ll love forever, but are of a quality that will last a lifetime.

By working directly with our factories,we are not only able to focus on creating beautiful products and delivering these to you at a fair price, but we can ensure we have the highest standards for both the welfare of the workers and the quality of our products.

Remarkable standards. Remarkable quality. Remarkable price.

Celebrating Simplicity

Our factories

From the people who pick the cotton in California, to the talented seamstresses stitching the labels in Portugal, all the way to the staff who pick and pack the items for delivery;

Every pair of hands that touch our products play an important role in the story of every item we create.

Crafted with endless love and care at every stage,
this is just the beginning of their story…
...the next chapter is yours.


Meet the authors


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Gone are the days when companies can hide behind logos and branding to justify a price tag. It is our view that if you have nothing to hide, there’s no reason to be anything but open and forthcoming about pricing.

We are dedicated to being totally honest with you about the true cost of our products so you can fully understand the price-tag attached to them.

Sounds too good to be true? It was, until now.

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