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The perfect white tee.

There are certain questions in life that elude us all daily; Where do we come from? Do aliens exist? Who put the empty milk bottle back in the fridge? And of course, why can’t I find the perfect white tee?

 The humble t-shirt has been a staple item in wardrobes for decades and yet somehow, we can never seem to find one that is ‘just right’.

Here at The Cotton Story, we set ourselves what we thought was a very simple goal – creating the perfect t-shirt. What we discovered was that basics are not actually that basic. Instead, we needed to come up with a solution for all of the things that annoyed us about the not-so-perfect tees we’d found so far.

From our experience and speaking to our friends and family, we made a list of all the problems we wanted to eradicate:

  1. Poor quality fabric – synthetic blends that fell apart after 1 or 2 washes.
  2. Shapeless – a mass produced tee that was designed without a real person’s body in mind resulting in unflattering fits.
  3. Too thick or too thin – White’s that were either totally see through but felt nice and light or were so thick they didn’t hang properly and looked stiff.
  4. A great t-shirt but costing extortionate amounts of money – we couldn’t get our heads around paying £85 for a tee!
  5. Contributing to the fast-fashion industry – it didn’t sit right with us paying £3 for a t-shirt knowing someone, somewhere was being exploited for this to be possible.

We had a big task ahead of us, but knowing what we wanted to avoid made it easy to focus on all the things we knew we wanted to get right.

The Fabric

It seemed obvious to us that the best option for a soft, resilient, breathable and natural fabric was cotton, but not all cottons are created equally. On our hunt for the very best cotton, we discovered Supima. Supima cotton is only grown in a handful of southwestern states of the USA due to the very particular climates required to grow this breed of cotton. With its extra long fibres (up to 35% longer than standard cotton), it is the most hardwearing cotton on the planet. Not only do the long fibres mean you get a longer-lasting product, but the fabric is more resistant to pilling and much softer meaning your t-shirt is going to both look and feel better for longer.

The Shape

Unlike a certain guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea, most of us are not shaped like a rectangle. We have curves, swerves, lumps and bumps and all of them should be celebrated. That’s why we created our Classic styles with real human bodies in mind. Gently nipping in at a woman’s natural waist to enhance their silhouettes and giving guys enough room in the waist whilst remaining neatly fitted over the chest are just a couple of ways we considered real shapes when designing our collection.

The Weight

Finding a tee that is the perfect balance of lightweight breathability that hangs beautifully yet heavy enough to avoid sheerness is a difficult task, but we were up to the challenge. After several rounds of testing we settled on using a 140gsm Supima for Women and 160gsm for the Men.

No we could talk all day about how much we love our classic white tees, but the proof is in how quickly they are snapped up. Every time we restock online and in store they are sold out within weeks, so either check them out online, or visit our store at 55 Kings Road.