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Sizing Made Simple

Here at The Cotton Story, most of what we do is very unique to us. From our ethical factories to our honest pricing, we’re simply not like the rest of most clothing brands. Our sizing is no exception. 


Our 0-5 number system was designed to fit every body without labelling it in the process. For the ease of our consumers, we reference typical UK measurements in our sizing chart, but for men and women alike, we don’t think the tags on your back should define you as small, medium or large. 


You have complete freedom in the next chapter of your story, so why would we label it before it even begins? We want to help you find the fit that makes you comfortable, not the one that society tells you to wear. 


Throughout a given shopping day, you could pop into one store and be a UK 8. Pop into another and suddenly you’re a 12. Inconsistent sizing takes the fun out of shopping, and it is a distraction we’re eliminating.

Unlike most brands, our sizes are solely based on true measurements in centimeters, and they are consistent across all ranges. Once you choose the size best for you, you can count on it to fit no matter the style. If you’re shopping in-store and you don’t remember your size, we can always look it up for you in our system so that you don’t waste your time in a changing room. 

Sizing made simple. Shopping made easy.